Providing authentic, quality Asian food products so families can recreate the tastes they grew up with.

Exceeding expectations by operating with transparency, quality, integrity and tenacity.



  • Integrity

Operating with honesty and respect for our employees, partners, and community.

  • Hard Work

Embracing the work ethic that keeps the food business vibrant. 


  • Ingenuity

Harnessing the creativity our suppliers, customers, and employees contribute. 


  • Excellence

Learning and adapting to serve our customers better.


TBD / what else? Land big customer, square feet grew from X to Y


Truong Enterprises opened the doors of its new warehouse - fully equipped with top-of-the-line ripening rooms, state-of-the-art racking systems and docks, plus ceilings clearing 42 feet!


We opened our doors in the famed South Water Market selling authentic Asian produce. Our offering was unique so our business grew.


We outgrew our facility so our team began construction on a new, 95,000 square foot, state of the art warehouse to accommodate our extensive line of produce, frozen and grocery food items.


Exhibiting at the National Restaurant Association show for the first time ever, Truong Enterprises entered a new era of the business.

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