We are dedicating a portion of our time and resources to thanking Chicagoland's first responders and medical professionals for all of their brave and tireless work to keep this city safe and healthy.

Help us help those in need by nominating an organization for us to work with below.



Simply put, we try to do what’s right in business, in our partnerships, and in our community. Operating with integrity is leading with honesty, truth, and respect in order to uphold our commitments and continue to do good.

Hard Work

This industry is full of hard work. From early morning discipline to persistence in finding the most authentic product, we seek out and hold ourselves accountable to the enduring work ethic that keeps this business and this industry alive.


Just like our standards for product, we as a company strive for excellence. We are constantly looking to adjust and perfect our methods, operations, and direction so that we can better serve our customers and consumers.


Futureproofing is about standing on the shoulders of giants to forge new strides ahead. The originality, inventiveness, and cleverness that each of our partners, customers, employees, and suppliers bring is what will help us make those strides.




From volunteering our time to donating food for the hungry, we’ve done what we could to leave a positive impact on our community since our doors have opened. Once a month, we look to volunteer our time as a company to helping causes from packing food for those in need to cleaning up beaches. Help us continue to extend our goodwill by nominating a cause to work with.

Please note that our corporate philanthropic initiatives only work with federally registered non-profit organizations, charities, park services, and faith-based institutions.

Nominate an Organization
Please note that during this time we will not be participating in any on-site activities. We are prioritizing food donations to organizations like after school programs, homeless shelters, hospitals and other organizations on the front lines of the crisis.

Thank you for nominating an organization! We will get back to you shortly on whether or not this is a good fit for us or how we might be able to help.



From mom-and-pop shops to nationwide chains, we work with customers that share our core values and growth pursuits. 


We place huge importance on maintaining the highest standards, which is why we value strong supplier relations and authentic product.


We wouldn't be here today without our incredible, hardworking team. Find out if this might be the right next step for you.